About Us



Rugged Africa is a  fully equipped 4×4 Fitment Centre and Workshop where we also offer general repairs and servicing of all makes of vehicles.

Rugged Africa started as a dream and become a reality driven by passion and keen interest in the outdoors on the 2nd July 2010.

We aim high in terms of our workmanship and service to our customers, never shying customers away no matter how tight the budget. We are open to all markets and customer requests and we will do our utmost to assist to every customer desire.

Our Staff are highly trained and qualified and are ready to assist no matter how small or large the request.

At Rugged Africa we drive 4×4’s and put our vehicles and equipment to the test. We do over landing and travel locally in the valleys, allowing us to give first hand and true information to our customers about the products we sell and fit

We strive to do better then the best.